Cruelty-free alternatives to leather, such as the Polyurethane used to make VeganWear briefcases, are not just easy to find, they are also much easier to clean. Dust and dirt can be simply removed by gently using a cleaning brush or soft cotton cloth. For a deeper clean and more-set-in stains, baby wipes or a small amount of diluted dish soap with warm water usually does the trick. Cotton swabs are also great for getting into raised nooks and crannies.

Faux-leather cleaning products are another alternative that also helps to protect your bag. A good rule of thumb is if a cleaning product is too harsh for your skin, then it is probably too harsh for your faux-leather bag. We also recommend first applying a given product to a small area before applying it to the whole bag. Here are some options for gentle faux-leather cleaning products – (please note though that we don’t endorse these products and can’t be held responsible for the usage or results):
Another thing to keep in mind besides these options and steps to follow is to make sure to not:
  • Not use bleach or abrasive detergents but baby wipes or diluted soap with warm water instead
  • Not scrub the bag but use light, circular motions instead
  • Not leave your bag exposed to the sun
  • Not leave any soapy residue behind
By following these simple do’s and don’ts, your VeganWear bag will last you for years to come.
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