“Where Can I Buy A Vegan Briefcase”

Once upon a time, I worked as a consultant in a very formal office. Knowing that dressing well not only helps secure a job but also get promoted, my style was critical for me. Unfortunately, every article of men’s professional attire seemed to be derived from animals. The solution I found was to stop purchasing new clothes (though I wish I had read our guide on cruelty-free fashion instead!), but I needed a professional bag. What’s more professional and sexier than a briefcase? That led me to the question: “Where can I buy a vegan briefcase?”

Where To Get A Vegan Briefcase For MenSearching the web, I found casual vegan men’s bags, such as polyester messenger bags, but nothing that resembled the look and feel of a traditional briefcase. I couldn’t even find a formal messenger bag. Unfortunately, nothing is more formal than leather except vegan leather! With that in mind, I scoured the web for multiple weeks until I imported a handmade vegan leather messenger bag. Unfortunately, despite accolades received for its leather-like and environmentally-friendly material, it did not look like leather. It didn’t even look formal. There were fake diamonds bejeweled into the bag. There had to be a better solution.

After talking to dozens of factories, I found one that could not only make it vegan but also ethically. That was a shocker — I was in charge of the supply chain, so I could pick to only work with those who adhere to the strictest ethical manufacturing guidelines. I fell in love with the briefcase and received compliments at work, at the bar, heck – I’d wear it to friends’ parties and get compliments. That’s when I knew I was onto something.

The Inception of VeganWear

I wanted every vegan man to wear this briefcase. The look, the feel, the compliments… if 20-25% of vegans are men, there has to be something blocking men from going vegan. According to some research, a major obstacle may be the consumption of meat being seen as masculine. Why not start a company that rebrands masculinity? VeganWear shows that you can be ultra-masculine, extremely professional, and vegan. More than that, men carrying our bags look great, helping show that veganism is sexy.Where Can I Get A Vegan Briefcase

I’ll get onto the rigorous stress-testing and reiterating we performed our Gentleman’s Bag (and non-released, failed versions) in a future blog post. For now, the message I want to share is that vegan men’s fashion is sexy, and the answer to “Where can I buy a vegan briefcase?” is here! We have the briefcase – vegan and non-vegan – on the market at VeganWear. The Gentleman’s Bag is waiting for you… what are you waiting for?

P.S. Our signature briefcase converts into a messenger bag, so you get the best of both worlds!

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